The proverb said ‘the shameless can be fearless’. Though government has ordered repeatedly that those companies who hire foreign workers should follow Employment Act in Singapore, yet some of employers still risk the big things for the sake of small ones. Recent spot check from Migrant Workers’ Centre released that 50 workers live in unsafe and unhygienic 2 units in Selegie Centre near Little India.

‘Rotting food, soiled clothes and bags were strewn on the grimy floors of the units……the size of one unit is a typical two-bedroom condominium apartment……’ (Amelia 2014). In our early post ‘Bug-infested dorms were cracked down’, some of employers who against Employment Act have been warned, fined or even imprisoned.  We believe most of employers have learned lessons from those cases. However, the violation may still be existed in small amount of companies a period of time though government endeavoured to protect the right of foreign workers.

Can you imagine those exhausted workers have a good rest in these squalid and stuffy rooms? How can we expect foreign workers will contribute cordially to our society after suffering these bad treatments? We try to provide a home away home for those foreign workers who far away from their homeland. Let us face the difficulty and take it as an opportunity for Singapore to find out more way to help foreign workers improve their living conditions.  We believe the opinion of our last post ‘we wish all dormitories no matter how small it is should apply the new Foreign Employee Dormitories Bill’ may be is one of ways.

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