More regulations for large foreign worker dormitories

According to the news from Ministry of Manpower on 4 Nov, 2014, the operators of large foreign workers’ dormitories are being imposed to comply with Foreign Employee Dormitories Bill. (more…)

The review of commercial dormitories’ list

Based on the list of commercial dormitory on 5 Sep 2012 from MOM, some modifications have been set out as follows. (more…)

The latest record of commercial dormitory

The latest commercial dormitory list which was recorded on 2 April 2012 by MOM was released to the market. According to the list, there are 40 approved dormitories which include 4 in the Central Singapore, 5 in the Northeast, 9 in the Northwest, 3 in the Southeast, and 19 in the Southwest of Singapore. Please visit ‘workers dormitory’ page to see more detailed information. (more…)

The extension to employment period of unskilled foreign workers

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) released ‘unskilled worker permit holders from non-traditional sources can be employed from the current 6 years up to 10 years since 1 July 2012’ (Ministry of Manpower 2012). The workers from non-traditional sources are those from ‘Bangladesh, Myanmar, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, China, and Thailand’ (Ministry of Manpower 2012). (more…)

MOM operated dormitory requirements

Commercially Operated Dormitories & Converted Industrial Premises

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