One of biggest Singapore dormitory’s operators, Westlite Dormitory, held 1st Carnival and Variety Show for the foreign workers on 24 Nov, 2012. The screams of excitement hung over the winter in Westlite Tuas Lodge 1. The residents were overwhelming delight with the thoughtful and thorough arrangement by the management team of Westlite Dormitory.


Foreign workers enjoyed traditional funfair games, such as Dunking Tank, Dart-the-Black, Wheel of Fortune, Steady Hands, Dice, Coin Toss, etc. in the opening ceremony of Carnival. Street Magician charmed residents through following the Variety Show, such as Face Change and Acrobatic Performances. The winners of room cleanliness and volleyball competitions were welcomed to the stage and awarded prizes. Award prizes on Westlite TuasThe residents were cheerful by a total of seven shows and warmly applauded when the performance came to the end.


Member of Parliament for Ang Mo Kio GRC and Chairman of the Migrant Workers’ Centre, Mr. Yeo Guat Kwang, was invited to make opening address of the Variety Show. He highlighted ‘the range of activities and initiative offered at the dorms that definitely boost camaraderie amongst residents and enable them to settle into life in Singapore seamlessly……’


The Carnival and Variety show is a break for foreign workers to enjoy a couple of relaxing and joyful hours after the pressure of daily work. This event is the first but will not be the last show for residents by Westlite Dormitory. As long as the dormitory vendors mull how to improve the quality of dormitory, attentively care for their residents and appreciate their hard working for Singapore, there will be more benefit in return to the Singapore companies and society. Our point here is we expect to see more Singapore dormitory’s operators like Westlite Dormitory, which is far-sightedness that the happiness of foreign workers is priceless, provide regular activities to concern with not only in physical health but also in spiritual fulfillment of their residents.

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