Most of Singapore workers’ dorms provide sufficient commercial facilities and a range of amenities for their residents–foreign workers who build city, keep houses clean, and do other necessary jobs that Singaporean do not want to do. As we know, migrant workers in Singapore are in hard life with enduring the separation from their families and some abused actions, such as inhumane treatment and unfair judgments. Dorms’ vendors, as one level of society, have realized how important to improve the quality of life of their residents. This post just briefly examples few dorms how they take care of migrant workers who have made immense contributions to the economic development of Singapore.


Some Singapore dorms’ vendors are doing excellent jobs. For example, Centurion Westlite Dormitory provides regular scheduled activities such as movie screenings, sports events, and so on for their residents. The health screenings, educational talks, festival celebrations, and tour visit are also organized during the weekend sometimes. The other example is Kaki Bukit Recreation Centre of Vobis. Some events such as SingTel Mr Manhunt Concert and Bengali New Year were hosted during March and April this year. These events had brought some cheers for the foreign workers who live in the near dorms.


It is undoubtedly that foreign workers have made invaluable contribution to Singapore. They deserve dignified and respectful treatments. We are happy to see the above dormitories’ vendors who are focusing on improving their services to build dorms like homes. Just like Centurion demonstrates ‘we will continue to work with the local organizations to help the foreign workers who stay at our dormitories to familiarize themselves with the Singapore culture, integrate into the surrounding community and adapt to the local culture’. This is the sign of caring and compassionate Singapore society.