According to the latest information on Chinanews website, 12 people were killed at construction workers’ dormitory in Xian city (the capital of Shanxi province in the Northwest of China) by fire accident. Another 22 people are under medical treatment currently. The tragedy was happened on 10 Oct, 2012 ( 2012 (1)).

The right image appears the burnt debris of prefabricated board house in the dormitory site. The workers’ dormitory is a three-story make-shift building. Workers who work for a water diversion project in Qinling Mountain are from China Railway 18th Bureau Group. The news leaks out unattended teakettle may cause the fire incident ( 2012 (2)). There is an electric heater for liquid called Redekuai which is quite popular in workers and students’ dormitories in China. The character of the appliance is easy to use and affordable for these groups of people. It results many workers and students ignore it is a high risk product and most of them are unqualified in the market. Utilizing this electric heater at the dormitory, four young students of Shanghai Business School were killed by dormitory blaze in 2008 ( 2008).

Many Chinese dormitories do not allow residents using high power electric appliances in their room to avoid any occurrence of fire damage. However, many workers and students violate the regulations without concerning the safety issue. Who should take responsibilities for these tragedies? Will people learn from mistake? We may difficult draw conclusions. When dorms’ operators consider satisfying more rational requests from their residents and ponder things from the point of views of residents, the vision of dormitory is a home away from home will be achieved soon.

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