Does the incident at Little India in 2013 mean foreign workers who are not satisfied with working in Singapore? The finding of recent survey which was conducted by Ministry Of Manpower and Migrant Workers Centre apparently answered the question.

‘The preliminary results were based on surveys with nearly 930 Work Permit holders, who mainly from China, Bangladesh and India working in marine, construction, or process industries’ (Nur 2014). ‘90% of foreign workers that were surveyed satisfied with working in Singapore’ (Lee 2014). The satisfaction level of foreign workers remains high with comparing the survey in 2011 (Ministry of Manpower & Migrant Workers’ Centre 2011).

Wage and accommodation are two of most important considerations that foreign workforce concerns. When foreign workers do not get paid wages, they may stage a sit-in protest (refer to our early post ‘foreign workers are unhappy with unpaid wages’). When foreign workers live in abysmal conditions, most of them may tolerate unfair treatments due to the consideration of job as the top priority. Do we get relief because the survey points out there are no such systematic mistreatment to foreign workers in Singapore? Different people have different kind of view.

Dale Carnegie said ‘The successful man will profit from his mistakes and try again in a different way’. Let’s develop success from failures and discouragement because we believe foreign workers deserve to be respected and treated decently. To enjoy having fun in what dormitory vendors are doing is a way to make the business successfully.

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