There were ‘two hundred foreign workers staged a sit-in protest over unpaid wages from their employer’ (Chua Yini 2012).


The news revealed those foreign workers had not been paid for almost three months though they had made repeated requests to their employer. It is brutal character of employer to stop pay those foreign workers who only earn a basic salary of SGD 18 a day. Some of workers worked over 12 hours a day but they never got overtime pay. The sad thing is those foreign workers do not get the same return as how much they have contributed to their employer.


The related employment matter was also appeared. Under the latest Employment Act in Singapore, employer take responsibility to pay the bill of renewing foreign workers’ work permits. However, some cold-blooded employers refuse to do so.


To some extent, foreign workers help the development of Singapore. If Singapore employers do not take care of their workers, the worker shortage issue would be a big problem for Singapore in the future.

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