The Singapore Ministry of Manpower released there was 1.29 million foreign workforce on Jun 2013 (Ministry of Manpower Singapore 2013). Construction, industrial manufacturing and engineering, shipping and logistics, and service are top four sectors which recruit foreign workers.  The economic blooming in some nations which are the traditional countries supplying workers to Singapore labor market has caused some industries to explore new territories.


Foreign workers are mainly from Malaysia, India, and China traditionally. However, some of industries are lacking of attraction for recruiting from old overseas countries now. For example, traditional foreign workers of construction sector are from China and India. The prosperous economies of these two nations provide more opportunities for workers who prefer to stay at their countries. Singapore construction companies have to recruit workers from other countries, like Sri Lanka. The recent report released there would be 200 construction workers from Sri Lanka came to work in Singapore each month before the end of this year (Chen Ji Peng 2013). workers from different nations


The new recruitment from other nations may bring more challenging for dormitory operators. It means dorms’ operators have to consider the change of lifestyle, habits and customs, and how to provide sufficiently customized service to new foreign workers. To provide ‘a home far away from foreign workers’ home’ is always the mission for Singapore workers accommodations’ vendors.


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