To improve the quality of foreign workers’ life, Westlite dormitory cooperates with Goducate in the program named Happy Happy English. Tuas and Mandai of Westlite have participated in this program with extending to their residents a hand of friendship in 2014.

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Goducate is a ‘non-profit organization’ (Goducate 2014 (1)), which mission is ‘to Go and Educate people who otherwise have to access to education, so that they can escape lives of hopelessness and uselessness……’ (Goducate 2014 (3)). The aim of launching Happy Happy English program is to teach the foreign workers functional English, like how to ask directions, and give them the confidence to communicate with others…… to make them feel welcome and happy in Singapore (Goducate 2014 (2)). Westlite dormitory, one of up-and-coming dormitory vendors in Singapore, has launched the program at Tuas in January and at Mandai in August of 2014. A graduation ceremony is hold at the end of term with conferring the certificate to each student by Westlite and Goducate.


Foreign workers have fun with the various events from the program. The value of program, the effort from the team of Goducate, and the support from the management team of Westlite dormitory are proved by the positive feedback from residents of Westlite Tuas with the following description about HHE, ‘a life-achievement program’, ‘feel warmth, selfless friendship, love and happiness……’ and ‘graduation ceremony night is the brightest and happiest moment during my stay in Singapore……’ (Westlite Dormitory 2014).


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