Construction industry is asking for more resources to ensure the foreign workers’ welfare in Singapore. The release from the National Development Ministry explained there is ‘the demand of more than 30,000 foreign workers to build public housing in 2012’ (Ministry of National Development 2012). The demand is almost double which compares to last year.


Shortage of dormitories in Singapore

From many enquiries of Singapore companies to us, the dormitories to host foreign workers are obvious shortage currently. With the expectation to build more public housing, the number of foreign workers will ‘increase to 45,000 in the next couple of years’. To provide a sustainable dormitory for those increasing foreign workers will be a major issue.


Increasing labor cost

‘The levy of foreign workers has been growing since 2010 in Singapore’ (Ministry of Finance Singapore 2011). This is another impact to the welfare of foreign workers. Some migrant workers are even paid SGD 1.5 per hour. This kind of wage will never be accepted by local Singaporean.


Singaporean needs to accept the circumstance that some industries, like construction sector, cleaning sector etc., need to have large migrant workers. To educate publicly and provide sufficient welfare to those foreign workers is a way to motivate them with contributing more to Singapore.

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