Due to the difficult to hire Singaporean as local bus drivers, more foreigners will be recruited to this particular sector. The rising educational attainments and career aspirations of local Singaporeans cause they would not like to do the job of bus driver.


On the one hand, Singapore government is working on reducing reliance on foreign workers. On the other hand, some sectors, such as construction and service industries, still have huge demand for foreign workers. ‘The Minister of State for Finance and Transport, Josephine Teo, had claimed the possibility to recruit more foreign bus drivers (most of them are from China and Malaysia) in Singapore’ (Channel News Asia 2012). Public will concern whether there is more sufficient training provided for those foreign workers. There are ‘around 15% of total bus drivers leaving each year and most of them are foreign bus drivers’ (Channel News Asia 2012). How to balance the locals who have the terms of employment and foreigners who are on contract in bus driver sector will be a major issue to concern.


Withan uncertain economic outlook ahead in Singapore, the amount of foreign workers in different industries will be dramatically changed according to the market demand of each sector. In other words, the signature of decreasing foreign workers in manufacturing sector but increasing in bus driver sector is all based on the market demand.

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