Singapore Contractors Association Ltd. is ‘an official representative of the construction industry in Singapore’ (Singapore Contractors Asociation Ltd. 2011). It had compiled guidelines for the dormitories’ operators regarding to the minimum standards on the design and maintenance of a worker dormitory on October 2005. The guidelines not only include the information of basic living space and facilities, but also concern more safety issue like fire safety, electrical safety, means of escape and healthy issue like hygiene and ventilation.

The guidelines presented the design and maintenance on 15 areas, such as layout and design, living space, sanitary facilities, cooking area, lighting and ventilation etc. Each standard specification of 15 areas is clearly specified. For example, the residents of dorms are from different countries, so the standard specification of ‘insturctions and supervision’ claims ‘House rules in languages understood by the workers shall be displayed in conspicuous locations’ (Singapore Contractors Association Ltd. 2005). Some dormitories, like Westlite Tuas Lodge 1 presents a notice board at the entrance of dormitory which demonstrates the Service Counter with four languages. So each resident can understand the clear service from dormitory operator.   

Each dormitory’s vendor can take this guideline as a reference to provide such standard for their residents. It is concluded that the better quality accommodations are supplied to foreign workers, the more extraordinary productivity will be enhanced in turn benefit companies.

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