As early post presented that foreign workers are assets of Singapore, more and more companies are working on how to improve productivity of foreign workers. Several strategies are introduced in the following article.

Foreign workers | To expand structured workplace integration programmes

It works on the promotion cross-cultural awareness and understanding, participation in community projects, more training in different cultural awareness, and other various forms. The purpose of these programmes is to make workplaces as better places for both local Singaporeans and foreigners. Most foreign workers are working in construction and service sectors. More structured workplace integration programmes will be designed for those particular sectors.

Workers dorms | To provide better living conditions

Foreign workers often face cultural and institutional obstacles in their works and lives in Singapore. The reason is the prejudicial mindset of larger public of Singapore which leads to physical and verbal abuses, unfair judgments, and negative stereotypes of foreign workers’ personhood. So many foreign workers prefer to stay at their dormitories after their work. The question is dorm should be like a home or a hell. It is really a shame to see poor foreign workers died into the dormitory due to the abysmal conditions. Unfortunately, the recent case ‘Lee Chiang Theng vs Public Prosecutor SGHC 252‘ ( Gaurav 2012) appeared this sad thing happened. It is shocked to see that abuse and inhumane treatment existed in a developed country like Singapore. Singapore is called a caring and compassionate society; employers are encouraged to find right dorms for their foreign workers. To provide good workers’ dorms will foster and motivate migrant workers to work effectively and efficiently.

As the third of total workforce is foreigners, it is critical to implement integration programmes into different workplaces. Migrant workers, as human being, have their legitimate needs and wants. With invaluable contribution to the development of Singapore, foreign workers deserve dignified and respectful treatment. Constructive ways to foster integration in workplace and provide well-equipped dorms might be one of solutions to improve productivity of foreign workers in Singapore.

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