Job Position

Here you can view the responsibility and authority of some job positions in dormitory business.



Dormitory Manager

  • To ensure quality objectives are established at relevant functions and levels within the organization.
  • To be overall responsible for the management of the dormitory.
  • To ensure that resources are efficiently used and to undertake cost cutting measures.
  • To supervise all staff and to ensure that they carry out their roles and responsibilities in the best interests of the company.


Operations Manager

  • To provide guidelines with respect to the policy for all departments to carry out.
  • To be overall responsible for all operations aspects of the dormitory.
  • To supervise the issue of access passes, matters pertaining to the allocation of units and moving in of workers.
  • To ensure that a schedule is in place.


Accounts Executive

  • To be overall responsible for the efficient day-to-day functioning of the accounts section of the dormitory.
  • To issue invoices to all tenants and commercial clients in advance and to monitor payments when they become due.
  • To process documents for payments to suppliers and vendors.
  • To prepare all documents and reports for auditing.


Lease Management Officer

  • To maintain a rental listing of all tenancies in the dormitory.
  • To monitor expiry dates of tenancies.
  • To perform e-stamping of tenancy agreements.
  • To file tenancy agreements and related documents systematically in the respective unit files.

Pass Controller

  • To be overall responsible for the documentation of workers moving into the dormitory.
  • To keep updated records of all workers in the dormitory.
  • To maintain a record of defective or lost access passes.
  • To monitor work permit expiry dates.


Customer Service Officer

  • To perform routine and administrative duties.
  • To maintain a database of clients requesting accommodation.
  • To be overall responsible for all incoming and outgoing mail.


Maintenance Personnel

  • To carry out the routine and extensive range of work in the repair and general maintenance of the dormitory.


Security Guards

  • To perform security function to ensure safety and security of the dormitory and residents.
  • Attend to emergencies, assist in the investigation of accidents, and report the incidents to the relevant authorities mainly dormitory.



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