To help more low income have better life, Singapore government is focusing on several schemes to support low income citizens and older Singaporeans.


Helping lower income with acquiring basic skills, some government schemes, like ‘Workfare Training Support’ (National Trade Union Congress 2010), are as ways to improve the capabilities and productivities of low wage workers. These schemes will definitely help low income workers earn better wages in some extent. For example, cleaners earn the lowest wage which is reported from The Manpower Ministry’s 2010 wage and most of them were on contract and casual workers. So the ‘best sourcing scheme’ (Ministry of Manpower 2012) which helps maintain the service standards and improves workers’ wages is offered to the market.


With the target to reduce reliance on foreign workers, the significant ‘support to older Singaporeans get a job and build up more savings is in Budget 2012’ (Ministry of Finance Singapore 2012). More disabilities and lower income will get help in the form of GST Vouchers and other comprehensive measures from government.


Singapore government aims to help all Singaporeans have a fair share of the economic development with providing as much as resources and schemes. More help and support from government to low income citizens will be through housing, healthcare, education, and so on.

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