According to the news from Ministry of Manpower on 4 Nov, 2014, the operators of large foreign workers’ dormitories are being imposed to comply with Foreign Employee Dormitories Bill.

Several additional regulations are proposed to large worker dormitories. One of requirements is dormitories with 1,000 beds or over need a licence to operate. The standard will be conducted in the management of public health and safety, security and public order, and the provision and maintenance of social and commercial facilities and services. Those dormitories will have 6 months to meet the governmental measures. Besides the dormitory licence, the penalties are also executed with a fine of up to $1,000,000 and / or imprisonment of up to four years for those breaching of the Foreign Employee Dormitories Bill (Ministry of Manpower 2014).

Most of large worker dormitories are operated by professional companies which comply with current governmental regulations well. How about small dormitories which currently house around 192,000 foreign employees? Recent inspection from MOM released that some of small dormitories, like a factory-turned-dormitory with about 100 beds at Joo Koon Road, also provide good housing condition for foreign workers (Imelda 2014). As a proverb says, ‘Good is good, but better carries it’. We wish all foreign workers’ dorms would apply the proposed new bill sooner or later.

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