The economic slowdown has touched the different regions in the world. It is inevitable that the inflow of foreign workers in Singapore is going to be impending slowdown next year.


Many foreign workers from neighbouring countries poured into Singapore for those jobs that Singaporean did not like to do. Foreign workers have been the backbone of the development of Singaporean economy for a quite long time. With the expectation of increasing in retrenchments, some of industries like manufacturing, tourism, and transportation are most affected by job losses. The deepened economic recession causes oversupply of foreign workers may lose their current jobs or have more fierce competition with locals for dwindling jobs in Singapore.


The Migrant Workers’ Center (MWC) is a ‘joint effort between the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and the Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF), aiming to improve the welfare of migrant workers in Singapore’ (Migrant Workers’ Center 2011). The numbers of beds at foreign workers’ dormitories have been prepared for homeless foreign workers in Singapore, said by MWC’s Executive Director Edwin Pang. MWC has provided free beds for hundreds homeless foreign workers so far. This organization is working hard to help foreign workers understand Singaporean society and integrate into local workplace.

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