Market information – share workers’ dormitory at West of Singapore

A company would like to share a unit with another company at Toh Guan. 6 beds have been taken by construction workers. Balance 6 are open for sharing.

If you are interested in it, please contact

Looking for dormitory cleaning services

There is an enquiry regarding to cleaning service which is set out as follows.

‘Urgently require dormitory cleaning and house-keeping services such as toilet washing, rubbish clearing, sweeping and mopping, gardening, drainage clearing, corridor washing, ceiling fans / wall fans cleaning. Not all scope required daily. Some are bi-weekly, others monthly…’

If you are interested in providing the above services, please do contact

Foreign workers are satisfied with working in Singapore

Does the incident at Little India in 2013 mean foreign workers who are not satisfied with working in Singapore? The finding of recent survey which was conducted by Ministry Of Manpower and Migrant Workers Centre apparently answered the question. (more…)

Interviewing and filming of foreign workers

‘We are a group of secondary school students from Hwa Chong Institution who are working on a project about foreign workers. The aim of our project would be to highlight the roles of foreign workers in Singapore’s society and the contributions they make. (more…)

The intake of foreign construction workers will be slowing

To alleviate simmering public anger over immigration from local citizens, Singapore government has planned to limit foreign workforce inflow. Several measures are already being implemented, such as raising foreign workers’ levy paid by their employers, policies to ensure local workers are not being undercut by qualified foreigners, etc. More than SGD 2 billion infrastructure projects are deferred to limit the demand of foreign workers is released by government recently. (more…)

The development trend of Singapore foreign workers

According to the Labour Market 2013 released by MOM and the news from The Straits Times, the trends of foreign workers’ development are set out as follows.   (more…)

Pray for missing airplane MH370

MH370, one of airplanes of Malaysia airline, lost contact after 2:40 am at Vietnam Time on 8 Mar, 2014. It was carrying 239 passengers from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. According to the news update, there are at least 9 passengers who serve construction industry as Chinese migrant workers in Singapore (Chinese News Net 2014).


Singapore Lian He Zao Bao, Chinese News Net (Chinese News Net 2014) and The Beijing News (The Beijing News 2014) revealed some name list of foreign workers:

Bian Liang Jin, 27 years oldcandle_heart

Ding Li Jun, 43 years old

Feng Dong, 21 years old

Liu Qiang, 40 years old

Song Kun, 25 years old

Wang Yong Hui, 33 years old


The family members of the passengers on flight MH370 are shocked by this tragedy. For example, the mother of Bian Liang Jin sorrowfully said, ‘I will never let him go if he reaches home safely this time’ (The Beijing News 2014).


Let’s pray for them. Bless them all! (more…)

Special service from Starhub to workers’ dormitories in Singapore



We got an email from Mr. Lim regarding to the service of Starhub to workers’ dormitories in Singapore. Please refer to the following information. If you are interested in the cooperation, please call him through +65 91477789 or email him through (more…)

Westlite dormitory hosts Christmas party for foreign workers

Westlite, is one of Centurion Corporation Limited brands, develops and manages quality foreign workers accommodations in Singapore. According to the report from Channel NewsAsia (Saifulbahri 2013), Westlite Dormitory had actively organized many activities for the residents in their workers dorms. (more…)

The opportunity of Minimart in worker dormitory

Mini-mart is one of the commercial amenities in most Singapore dormitories to meet the requirement of allowing workers to cook. Since migrant workers are advised to stay inside dorms after the incident at Little India, minimarts’ business is expected to be benefit from this. (more…)

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