Foreign workers dormitories | How many foreign workers in Singapore in 2010?

It was estimated there were 1.1 million foreign workers in 2010.

Foreign workers dormitories | Which sectors are most of foreign workers working?

  • Construction
  • Industrial manufacturing and engineering
  • Shipping and logistics
  • Service

Foreign workers dormitories | Are there enough dormitories to be supplied in Singapore?

More residents complain that an increasing number of foreign workers are renting HDB flats in Singapore. They upset with the lifestyle of foreign workers. And they believe it may cause the conflicts due to the different cultural background. One of the reasons is because these foreign workers were unable to find suitable dormitories. The accommodation of foreigner workers is becoming a focus attention of many Singapore residents. As the number of foreign workers increase dramatically recent years, Singapore needs to build up more alternative dormitories. From our last research, most approved Dormitories are overbooked and have long waiting lists.