MH370, one of airplanes of Malaysia airline, lost contact after 2:40 am at Vietnam Time on 8 Mar, 2014. It was carrying 239 passengers from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. According to the news update, there are at least 9 passengers who serve construction industry as Chinese migrant workers in Singapore (Chinese News Net 2014).


Singapore Lian He Zao Bao, Chinese News Net (Chinese News Net 2014) and The Beijing News (The Beijing News 2014) revealed some name list of foreign workers:

Bian Liang Jin, 27 years oldcandle_heart

Ding Li Jun, 43 years old

Feng Dong, 21 years old

Liu Qiang, 40 years old

Song Kun, 25 years old

Wang Yong Hui, 33 years old


The family members of the passengers on flight MH370 are shocked by this tragedy. For example, the mother of Bian Liang Jin sorrowfully said, ‘I will never let him go if he reaches home safely this time’ (The Beijing News 2014).


Let’s pray for them. Bless them all!



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