We got a letter from Nanyang Technological University in regard to providing Service Learning Project for foreign worker dormitory in Singapore. The information of email and project is set out as follows. 


We are a group of students from Nanyang Business School Accountancy & Business Club and we’re looking to work together with Foreign Workers Dormitory on a service learning initiative.


The recent riot at Little India has caused Singaporeans to grow more xenophobic towards migrant workers. However, few know that only a minority of the Indians is the ones behind this riot and they are probably under the influence over alcohol grieving over their brother who died in the accident.


To make things worse, it was also reported in other countries that Singaporeans are the ones bullying the Indians in our country.


We hope that through this collaboration with Foreign Workers Dormitory, we will be able to bridge the gap between the migrant workers and Singaporeans and also appreciate what they have done for the development of Singapore…’

Service Learning Project


Service Learning Project is a new initiative by NanyangBusinessSchool this academic year to promote corporate social responsibility and also to forge closer bonds with external beneficiaries. Since we are the pioneer batch in carrying out this initiative, we hope that we can take baby steps in forging ties with Foreign Workers Dormitory. 


The objective of this Service Learning Initiative is to recognize the efforts of these migrants’ workers and make them feel more at home despite xenophobic remarks and actions against them arising from the recent riot.


We proposed that we set up a make shift photo booth at the migrant worker’s dormitory and print out these photos for them to write new year wishes to their families overseas.

We hope that through these small little gestures, they can feel appreciated for their efforts for building our homes away from their homes. Also, at the same time, these postcards can provide an assurance to their families overseas that they are safe and happy in Singapore

The proposed event will be a one day event held on 30th December 2013 with estimated 20 participants in this event from our club. We hope that we can visit the dormitories of Indian construction workers that are under your charge. If not, we would appreciate if you can refer us to the personnel in charge.

PS: If dormitory operators are interested in this project, please feel free to contact Gary Chong through GCHONG001@e.ntu.edu.sg