China Spring Festival, also called Lunar New Year is coming soon. It is the most important festival in China. During the holiday, Chinese prefer to reunite their families. There are ‘more than 200,000 Chinese migrant workers, who seek higher income or career advancement, are currently working in Singapore’ (Lin Mei 2010). If Chinese migrant workers go back hometown for their reunion dinner on Spring Festival’s eve, the impact of workers’ migration to Singapore local market will be significant.

Some industries rely on foreign workers will confront the problem of workers’ shortage. Singapore local companies especially in cleaning sector are struggling to find enough employees to keep business running. Though local companies choose some ways, such as pay high wage to hire temporary employees, use more disposable utensils, to solve the current labor shortage problem, yet the situation is getting worse. The long holiday in Lunar New Year generates big crowd in many public centre. Companies may have to source foreign workers who are not from China to run the business.

Shortage of foreign workers during China Lunar New Year is appeared many years. This situation is not only happened in Singapore. The hi-tech economic regions of China are also facing the same problem. The labor shortage will be continued even after Lunar New Year. To some extent, One Child Policy has improved the economy and living conditions of Chinese. However, this policy is aggravating the shortage of labor sooner or later.

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