Centurion Corporation Limited (hereinafter to be referred as Centurion), one of the biggest dormitory operators in Singapore, has strengthened its position of dormitory business in the region through participating in Australian accommodation business recently. The announcement from Centurion ‘on September 2012 was four adjacent plots of land with a total area of 4,434 square meters in Port Hedland, Western Australia had been acquired to meet the demand of dormitory business in Pilbara region’s mining industry’ (Centurion Corporation Limited 2012 (1)).

Our research presents Centurion is only one Singapore dormitory’s vendor has expanded international market in terms of providing quality accommodation with professional management expertise and service so far. Marketing strategy of Centurion is dynamic and interactive. For example, it increased its supply of bed through expanding bed capacity, such as ‘increasing the beds of Westilite Dormitory from 5,300 to 8,000’ (Centurion Corporation Limited 2012 (2)), and acquiring more dormitory assets to meet the increasing market demand in Singapore. Furthermore, it seeks further growth in international market through actively bolstering its dormitory asset portfolio. For example, Centurion has owned and operated Westlite Dormitory (Tebrau) Sdn. Bhd., Westlite Dormitory (JB Techpark) Sdn. Bhd., Westilite Dormitory (Cemerlang) Sdn. Bhd., and Westlite Dormitory (Tampoi) Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia. ‘The dormitory portfolio of Centurion in Malaysia is approximate 16,300 beds’ (Centurion Corporation Limited 2012 (3)).

To achieve sustainable competitive advantages, some of Singapore companies, like Centurion, has adopted progressive expansion strategy by exploring acquisition opportunities in international market. It is undoubted that the acquisition of valuable dormitory asset in international market will be one of the ways to keep the growth and development of dormitory’s operator.


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