We got an email from Mr. Lim regarding to the service of Starhub to workers’ dormitories in Singapore. Please refer to the following information. If you are interested in the cooperation, please call him through +65 91477789 or email him through kplim@starhub.com.


‘With recent initiative and request from relevant Authorities to bring entertainment to entice workers;

StarHub  would like to engage prospect/ current Dormitories and Hostels to provide essential entertainment like Pay TV and Internet for the tenants.

We hoped to have a joint collaboration with the owners to work out solutions, main objective is to encourage tenants to stay-in on their rest day.

With these entertainment in place, tenant will have their leisure time well-spent and things that they can relate to after a day work.

For a start, we would like to engage the owners when they put up a request for their new projects at the DASL.

Hence we will appreciate that you can route us to the person/department whom is in-charge of these application.’