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Approved dormitory list by MOM in November 2014

According to the updated information from MOM on 17 Nov, 2014, the approved purpose-built dormitories for the housing of foreign workers are 41 operating dormitories and 4 under development dormitories in Singapore (Ministry of Manpower 2014). (more…)

Special service from Starhub to workers’ dormitories in Singapore



We got an email from Mr. Lim regarding to the service of Starhub to workers’ dormitories in Singapore. Please refer to the following information. If you are interested in the cooperation, please call him through +65 91477789 or email him through (more…)

Foreign workers may be arranged at close offshore islands of Singapore

Where do we house foreign workers in Singapore? A place of their own allocated in the industrial area or a place close to main estate of locals? The total foreign workforce (excluding foreign domestic workers) is 1,058,700 (till Dec 2012) (Ministry of Manpower 2013). Let us look at the current supply of commercial foreign worker dormitories in Singapore, less than 0.2 million beds. Here is the question: Where do we find more beds for foreign workers? To arrange foreign workers in close offshore island was one of solutions being proposed by National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan recently (Channel News Asia 2013).Offshore island (more…)

Fire causes the death of 14 people at dormitory in China

According to the latest information on Chinanews website, 12 people were killed at construction workers’ dormitory in Xian city (the capital of Shanxi province in the Northwest of China) by fire accident. Another 22 people are under medical treatment currently. The tragedy was happened on 10 Oct, 2012 ( 2012 (1)). (more…)

The questions about dormitories in Singapore

Recently, we got an email from a student of NUS who was undertaking a project regarding dormitories in Singapore. The email mentioned two interesting questions. We would like to share our views with those people who concern the matter of foreign workers’ dormitories in the follwing article. (more…)

The biggest Public Rental Housing (PRH) project in Shanghai suburb is start-up

‘Dream Home, one of the large-scale Public Rental Housing (PRH) projects in Shanghai, was hold on 12, Oct 2011 in Jinshan district’ (Cao Lei 2011). It will be the largest rental housing community in Shanghai soon afterward. Most of established housing of this project will be rented by local enterprises.

The estimated cost of whole project is ‘RMB 1.2 billion which is invested by local government. The land use of the project is 200 thousand square meters and the gross floor area is 300 thousand square meters. It can fulfill the living around 15 thousand people’ (Cao Lei 2011). After two to three years, the project is wished to be completed entirely. According to the demand of enterprises, two types of tenancy term which are 30 years and 50 years are provided to the market. Shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited, Shanghai Carpoly Paint Co., Ltd. and other 56 enterprises have applied it for their employees from local government.

The ‘dream home’ project includes high-rise apartments and multi-storey apartments. It is decorated with equipping kitchen, facilities, electrical appliances, and so on. The home is conducive for meeting the diversity of housing demand from single employees, families, and senior managers and technicians. The community is also equipped with supermarket, banking outlets, dining halls, sports center, schools, and so on.

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