Singapore is called ‘a Global Schoolhouse’ (Singapore Education 2012) which can meet the needs of individuals’ study and is a premier destination for learning. Singapore offers a range of educational choices to enrich students’ learning experiences and seek to their nature talents. When you decide to study in Singapore, accommodation is becoming one of the most important matters that you need to consider. This article is going to briefly explain some information of Singapore students’ dormitories.

How many accommodation options are available to students?

To choose right accommodation actually depends on your budget, length of stay and your personal circumstances. There are some accommodations provided by local institutions of study such as boarding school, school hostel or Halls of Residence. You can also consider staying in a private hostel or renting private housing – landed property, apartments, condominiums and serviced apartments, etc. To rent privately from tenants of Housing Development Board (HDB) flats is another affordable option. If you were in Singapore for only a few months, it might not be a good option to rent private home because normally private tenancy agreements would require a minimum term stay.

What kinds of facilities and services are in the accommodation?

Based on different category of accommodations, the supplied facilities and service are differential. For example, most hostels offer rooms ranging from single to two and four-bedded rooms. Standard services include laundry services, meals, computer facilities, television, sporting facilities on site, etc. Other type of accommodation, like serviced apartment which offer fully furnished with hotel-style services.

How many short-term student accommodations are in Singapore?

There are two suitable accommodations, Katong Hostel and YMCA International House available for students’ temporary stay in Singapore. Some conditions, such as minimum stay of one week, presentation of Student’s Pass, etc. need to be noted when students apply the above two for the short-term stay in Singapore.

How many long-term student accommodations are in Singapore?

There are ’33 long-term student accommodations in Singapore’ (Singapore Education 2012). 15 students’ accommodations are in the central of Singapore. Among them, there are 5 Private Hostels, 2 Boarding Schools, 1 School Hostels and 7 Private Hostels.  10 students’ accommodations are in the East Coast. Among them, there are 3 School Hostels and 7 Private Hostels. 1 Boarding School and 1 Private Hostel are in Upper Serangoon. 3 Private Hostels are in West Coast. 2 Private Hostels are in Changi and 1 Private Hostel is in Sentosa.

There are many types of student accommodations for you to choose in Singapore. ‘Student Accommodation Handbook’ from Singapore Education helps international students make an informed decision on studying in Singapore. To sum up, there is always one student’s type of accommodation can suit your needs.

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