According to the Labour Market 2013 released by MOM and the news from The Straits Times, the trends of foreign workers’ development are set out as follows.  

First of all, the inflow of Singapore foreign workers slows down. Due to the rise of local employment and tightening measures for foreign manpower, ‘the growth of foreign employment slowed to 53,300 in 2013 from 70,400 in 2012’ (Ministry of Manpower 2014).

Secondly, the alternations of industries’ demand caused the change of foreign employment. The number of foreign workers in service sector went up. However, the employment of migrant workers in manufacturing and construction sectors went down.

Thirdly, the rate of foreign workers in Singapore is one-third of total workforce (Ministry of Manpower 2014).

Finally, MOM has considered lifting the restrictions to let foreign workers switch their employers under specified circumstances. This information has been released by the journalists from The Straits Times (Amelia and Toh 2014).

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