The business of workers’ dormitories is blooming in Singapore. From the comment on our site, you will see many enquiries monthly. We have done research of workers’ dormitories in some Asian countries, like China. The point is Singapore has the extraordinary business market of workers’ dormitories with some distinctive characters.

Specific target

The residents of workers’ dormitories are those foreign workers who hold Work Permit and are currently working in Singapore.


Well organized

According to housing requirements from MOM (Ministry of Manpower 2012), foreign workers’ dormitories must meet the following statutory requirements.

  • Proper land use by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), Housing Development Board (HDB) or Jurong Town Corporation (JTC);
  • Building structural safety standards by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA);
  • Fire and safety standards by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF);
  • Environmental health requirements by the National Environment Agency (NEA); and
  • Drainage and sanitary/sewerage system requirements by the Public Utilities Board (PUB).


Based on industry

Each commercial worker’s dormitory serves for its own specific industry. There are 40 commercial dormitories in MOM record on 18 June 2012. Thereinto, only 4 dormitories are offered to workers from all industries. Most of dormitories offer to foreign workers in construction sector as the dramatically increasing demand of foreign workers in this particular industry. Other dorms are supplied to service, manufacturing, marine, and other industries.


Multi-national residents

The residents in workers’ accommodation are multinational. Most of them are from other Asia countries, such as Malaysia, China, India, Philippines, Thailand, etc.


To some extent, the supply of workers’ dorms is less than the market demand in current market of Singapore. Though the economy is downside, yet some industries, like construction sector, still has high demand for foreign workers. To sum up, the market of workers’ dormitories in Singapore presents the unique phenomenon, i.e. high profit, persistent market demand, and lower competition.


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