To alleviate simmering public anger over immigration from local citizens, Singapore government has planned to limit foreign workforce inflow. Several measures are already being implemented, such as raising foreign workers’ levy paid by their employers, policies to ensure local workers are not being undercut by qualified foreigners, etc. More than SGD 2 billion infrastructure projects are deferred to limit the demand of foreign workers is released by government recently.

Though some construction business, like public housing and transportation links will still go further, yet these delayed government projects, including new government offices, an extension to the Gardens by the Bay horticultural complex, and a new science center, would reduce the demand of around 30000 foreign construction workers (Chun 2014).foreign worker

Singapore is the home of approximately 1.3 million foreign workers; roughly 350,000 of them are construction workers (Ministry of Manpower 2014). Social fissures have been emerged between citizens and the large foreign workforce. As our post ‘The development trend of Singapore foreign workers’ illuminated the trend of slowing down of foreign workers’ inflow in 2013. It is not puzzling to forecast the growth of foreign workforce will keep slowing in 2014 too.

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