The latest commercial dormitory list which was recorded on 2 April 2012 by MOM was released to the market. According to the list, there are 40 approved dormitories which include 4 in the Central Singapore, 5 in the Northeast, 9 in the Northwest, 3 in the Southeast, and 19 in the Southwest of Singapore. Please visit ‘workers dormitory’ page to see more detailed information.


There are two new dormitories which are Shaw Lodge and Kranji Lodge with comparing last year’s record from MOM. 60% approved commercial dormitories are supplied to workers in the Construction sector. There are only four dormitories are offered to foreign workers in all sectors.  They are Centurion Dormitory (Westlite) Pte Ltd in the Southwest, Homestay Residences (Kaki Bukit) in the Northeast, Marsiling Apartments in the Northwest, and Shaw Lodge in the Southeast of Singapore.


According to the many enquires to our site and feedback from some dormitory vendors, the occupancy rate of workers’ dormitories is high. We should take care of migrant workers those who are helping Singapore to grow and prosper. Government also needs to consider more strategic plans for this prosperous market.