Recently, we got an email from a student of NUS who was undertaking a project regarding dormitories in Singapore. The email mentioned two interesting questions. We would like to share our views with those people who concern the matter of foreign workers’ dormitories in the follwing article.


Dormitories in Singapore | What does it mean by commercial dormitories?

Workers’ dormitories are purpose built premises used as lodging for foreign workers. The residential premises could be defined as a workers’ dormitory if the total number of staying ‘workers exceed 8 in Singapore’ (Urban Redevelopment Authority 2012). Commercial dormitory, as its name suggests, is any dormitories that are owned by a commercial entity. To be qualified as such, it must also be for-profit. According to Singapore MOM, there are 40 approved commercial dormitories in Singapore so far.


Dormitories in Singapore | Commercial dormitories, industrial dormitories and prefab dormitories, are they all considered as purpose built dormitories?

Yes, commercial dormitories, industrial dormitories and prefab dormitories are all considered as purpose-built dormitories. There are six type of approved housing, which are provided by the relevant approving agencies, can house foreign workers in Singapore.


The purpose of foreignworkerdormitory site is to introduce each Singapore commercial dormitory and guide people to find right dormitories for their foreign workers.  From the market research, most of dormitory vendors like to cooperate with a company who can lease one room at least three months.

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