According to the Singapore Parliament session on 20 October 2012, some information in relation to foreign workers’ dormitories had been set out as follows.

How many foreign non-domestic Worker Permit holders are in Singapore?

670,000 in 2010 and 702,000 in 2011 of foreign non-domestic Worker Permit holders (Singapore Press Holding Ltd. Co. 2012)


How many housing options are for foreign workers?

The variety of housing options include purpose-built dormitories, workers’ quarters on construction sites, converted industrial properties, HDB flats and private residential premises.


How many bed spaces are currently for foreign workers in purpose-built dormitories?

140,000 bed spaces (TWC2 2011)


Which main industries are foreign workers who currently live in purpose-built dormitories from?

Construction, marine and process industries (Ministry of Manpower 2012)


What is the main task of Foreign Worker Housing Coordination Committee and who led this committee?

Foreign Worker Housing Coordination Committee is in charge of housing foreign workers in proper accommodation. MOM and MND jointly led this committee (Ministry of National Development 2007).


Which organizations conduct regularly inspections at locations suspected as being used for illegal foreign worker housing?

To ensure foreign workers being housed in acceptable accommodations, Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), National Environment Agency (NEA) and other agencies do conduct regular inspections.


What are the strategies from government for improving the living conditions of foreign workers?

  • To construct more dormitories for meeting the market demand
  • To provide dormitories with sufficient facilities, such as recreational and eating spaces
  • To focus on improving the quality of foreign workers’ life


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