SCAL Mandai (Mandai Lodge 1)

Bed capacity: 2,000 workers


Facilities: Equipped with proper toilet and shower facilities, kitchen, dining hall, laundry, gymnasium, basketball courts, mini mart, canteen, reading room, and internet room.


Sectors: Construction


Address: No. 595, Mandai Road, Singapore 729758


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  • kala (5 years)

    I am looking for place for 4 constrution workers. pls reply.

  • yet ying (4 years)

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are searching dormitory for a worker.
    Pls send me the price and what facilities are included.


    Yet Ying

  • toh beng hok (3 years)

    we looking for dormitory for about 12 workers.
    Pls sent me the price and your terms and conditions.
    pls let me know asap thanks.

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