Jurong Apartments

Description: Opened since July 2004 and the location is near Jurong Industrial District.


Bed capacity: 432 workers


Sectors: Construction, Process & Marine


Address: Blk 529, Upper Jurong Road, Singapore 638355


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  • Fida (5 years)

    Hi ,

    Good afternoon,

    We will like to know more about Jurong Apartments dormitory
    We are in the marine sector.

    Please provide us your quotation.

    Thank you

  • Sue (4 years)

    Hi, we are construction indutry and looking for workers dormitory about 12-16pax. Please send me a quotation if you have space for the above.


  • Priscilla (4 years)

    I am looking for workers dormitory for 4 construction workers. Please send me a quotation. Thank you.

  • C.Raju (4 years)

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    we please to inform you that urgently we are looking for rooms to fit 90 workers of marine side. Please drop me an email ASAP if available.


  • Peixian (3 years)

    We are in the construction industry and are currently looking for workers dormitory around Joo koon/Jalan Papan for 2 foreign workers. Please send me a quotation if possible.

    Thank you.
    Best Regards,

  • JO (3 years)

    Hi there, we are in the manufacturing industry and currently looking for workers dormitory around jookoon area for up to 12 foreign workers. Please send me a quotation.

    Additional questions:
    -Does the dormitory take in China PRC?
    -Do we have to take up the whole unit or otherwise?
    -Are we able to change tenants as and when we like?
    -Are the employees on business visa or training pass allow to stay in the dormitory for short term?
    (For foreign workers)

    Thank you

  • Rajendra Pande (3 years)

    Looking for dormitory space for self one person. .pls help me by sending me the possibilities and pricing

  • Yvonne Lee (2 years)

    We are currently looking for a dormitory for our workers 6 pax. Please send us a quotation as we are urgently in need of 1 dormitory.

    Thank you

  • Rugaya (2 years)

    Hi, we are looking for flats to accommodate our Filipino construction workers. Please advise your breakdown rental charges. How workers are allow to stay in a room / flat.

  • Peiyi (2 years)

    Hi, I’m looking for a dormitory for 6-8 workers mixture of Indians, Banglas, chinese. Please give us a quotation asap.


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