Toh Guan Dormitory

Description: completed in 2006,15092 m², 4 blocks 448 units


Bed capacity: 7,168 workers


Sectors: Marine & Construction


Address: Blk19A, Toh Guan Road East#01-73, Singapore 608567


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  • James Moorthy (5 years)

    Dear Sir, Our Construction Company need dormitory for about 50 pax.
    We need it by end of March 2013.

    Could you please let us know weather available and other details of the dormitory.

    Thank You


  • Wu Qiaoling (5 years)

    There are 20 workers from Bangladesh and Burma in our company, we want find a suitable dormitory for them. Please send me the quotation and detail of the dormitory.

  • Maureen (4 years)


    We have 18 workers we need to move by 1st Sept. Do you have available beds? Pls send me your quote. Thanks


  • Carol (4 years)

    Dear Sir / Mdm,

    I am looking for bed space for my 4 workers (1 Thai, 3 Indians), need it in Oct 2013. Please advise if you have any to rent.


  • Priscilla (4 years)

    I am looking for dormitory for 4 construction workers. Kindly send me your quotation. Thank you.

  • Goh (4 years)

    Dear Sir,

    we are from construction industry. currently we are looking for staying in your dormitory for 4 workers. kindly contact us in above email and send us your quote. thanks.


  • Gary (4 years)

    Hi, we are frm landscape industry. Need space for 9 Bangladesh workers, pls give me a quotation. Thks

  • ong mong kwa (3 years)

    I am looking for dormitory ( Share room or room ) for 4 workers from construction Workers from bangladesh . please kindly give us a quotation.

  • Tong Thian Tiong (2 years)

    We are Construction Industry need dormitory for 12 workers move by 1st August 2016, kindly email your quote and dormitory details for me.Thanks

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